Writing your vows is as easy as following these directions!
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This is how it works: for each set of vows, there are blanks with numbers in them. Look for the corresponding number at the end of the vows and fill in the blanks with the word options that that best suit you. Each blank space should be filled with one word. 
Also, write your fiancé’s name where you see name and fill in the applicable term where you see husband/wife.  In minutes you’ll have your own self written wedding vows that are unique to your personality.
Name, I take you as my husband/wife
Because you are also my friend
My    1    and    1         2   ,
My one true love.
On this most special day,
I give to you this most special promise,
In the presence of our family and friends.
I will be your lawfully wedded husband/wife.
I will stand by your side
Through the bad, the good
The better and the best of life.
I will be your    3        2   ,
Forsaking all others
Today and for the rest of my life. 
1.       Options: loyal, respectful, steadfast, courageous, compassionate, lovely, exquisite, wonderful, brilliant, tender, devoted, fun-loving, incredible,
2.       Options: partner, confidante, ally, companion, friend, spouse, husband/wife, other half
3.       Options: loving, dedicated, loyal, faithful, steadfast, devoted, adoring, doting 
You are my best friend    1  
I pledge to    2   ,    2   ,
And    3    you through our walk together. 
When our way becomes    4   ,
I promise to    5    you and    5    you, 
so that through joining together
We can achieve more
Than we ever could alone. 
I pledge to    6    our love
And always make you a priority. 
I promise to give you my unwavering love,
As long as we both shall live.
This is my solemn vow.
1.       Options: forever, for life, for all of my days, for the rest of my life, as long as we both shall live
2.       Options: honor, encourage, cherish, respect
3.       Options: support, challenge, change, grow with, have fun with, be devoted to, be dedicated to, be faithful to
4.       Options: rough, hard, difficult, thorny, muddled, tangled
5.       Options: stand by, uplift, fortify, strengthen, encourage, cheer, sustain
6.       Options: protect, hold tight to, cherish, treasure, value, appreciate
Today, I am proud to take you as my husband/wife.
I vow to be your    1   ,           
And to whole-heartedly    2    and    2   ,
Your    3   ,   3    and    3   .
I promise to be your    4   ,
And to be there through whatever life brings us.
When you fall, I will catch you;
When you cry, I will comfort you;
When you laugh, I will share your joy. 
I give you everything I have
And everything I am.
From this moment forward and for all time.
1.       Options: best friend, companion, constant friend, soul mate, true love, loving partner
2.       Options: support, share, encourage, uplift
3.       Options: hopes, dreams, goals, ambitions, aspirations, desires, wishes, choices
4.       Options: rock, hero, champion, strength, foundation, safe haven